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Long way to go buddies. I think this commision will be finished this week yay! A lot of inking work left to do. I really had a hard day today, how it’s doing for you? //
Aun queda mucho trecho colegas. Creo que este encargo estará terminado esta semana yay! Queda un montón de trabajo de tinta. He tenido un día difícil de narices, qué tal el vuestro? #got #gameofthrones #medusadollmaker #art

foxdoodles asked: Truthfully even though the quality was bad on the shirt, I just love it (Dark Crystal was my fav.) no rush on submitting it anywhere just for me. Trust me I can wait until whenever and wherever you decide. Just announce on tumblr and I'll be buying it soon after. Thanks for the reply! Currently the shirt is reserved for my special bedtime shirt.

Ok sweetheart! I’m really sorry for this. I will announce it for sure!

"La Trufa" productions presents nianooonianoniaaanonianoniaaaano well base drawing is done and it’s time to dirty it up with some watercolors. Enjoying the sunny day working! #got #GameofThrones #design #jonsnow #ygritte #ghost #crows #illustration #wip #art


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take note gentlemen

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"Neil deGrasse Tyson" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally got around to wrapping up this portrait of everyone’s favorite astrophysicist. With his huge impact on new generations of aspiring scientists, I knew I wanted the background to be children’s space drawings. With my 6 year-old niece’s planetary masterpieces as inspiration, I did my best imitation with my left hand. (prints available here)

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